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Putting your favorite sci-fi and pop culture to the test!

Join hosts Hakeem Oluseyi (How the Universe Works, NASA’s Unexplained Files, Baking Impossible) and Tamara Krinsky (Scirens, Marvel’s Red Carpet, Girls Gone Geek) as they put your favorite pop culture concepts to the test and determine once and for all if they’re possible in the real world.
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Is Real World Iron Man Tech Possible?

Was Tony Stark, that cool exec with a heart of steel, on to something when he came up with the idea of the ARC Reactor, the life-saving device that also powers the Iron Man armor in the MCU? Let’s take a look…

The Boys’ Starlight: The Most Realistic Superhero Powers?

Believe it or not, there’s a surprising amount of scientific evidence to support Starlight’s powers on The Boys.

Could the 3 Body Problem Headset Work in Real Life?

We ask the question raised by Netflix’s 3 Body Problem: Is it possible to create a headset that can hijack the human brain?